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Join Switch Connect and our world leading vendor partners to learn about driving business intelligence with Microsoft Teams.


16th April 2024

11:30 - 2:30pm

Microsoft Melbourne Office
Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place
Southbank, VIC 3006


22nd April 2024

11:30 - 2:30pm

Microsoft Brisbane Office
Level 28, 400 George Street
Brisbane, QLD 4000


7th May 2024

11:30 - 2:30pm

Microsoft Sydney Office
Level 24-30, 1 Denison Street,
North Sydney, NSW, 2060


Switch Connect is pleased to offer you a personal invitation to our latest Executive INSIGHTS Lunch & Learn event. We hope you will gain a greater understanding and real-life experience knowledge of how Microsoft and its partners are using, adapting and changing their services to better align and deliver to your day-to-day business requirements. We hope these events inform, in some way challenge your thinking, and hopefully create conversations that enhance or ease your operational, technical and financial challenges.

We aim to drive thought and understanding to make a difference within your world.

Within this session, we will present the latest industry trends within key infrastructure areas, some real-life architectural and implementation “gocha’s” and their unforeseen/impending impacts, as well as some new ideas on removing stubborn, unmovable barriers to change. These sessions will give new insights into:

  • Understand the recent enhancements to the MS TEAMS world including the new AI Copilot for TEAMS and why this is an industry game changer, use and impact of the new Shared TEAMS licencing, and new capabilities that ease TEAMS migrations;
  • Gain insights as to how Business Intelligence within user/CC reporting and analysis are being deployed to optimize operations and enhance productivity;
  • Make you aware of the enhancements in business survivability the new market offering Ribbon delivers with SBCaaS, and why this will change the market;
  • Receive real-life examples of how and why organisations are transforming their company-wide reporting and compliance by utilising TEAMS NATIVE Contact Centre, Compliance Recording, Reporting and Analysis and what benefits they have realised;


Dial tone in Teams is so 2023, let's talk about the rest of the stack. Business Intelligence and visibility, scalability, flexibility and business continuity.

11:30AM - 12:00PM
Event Registration
with Microsoft
What's New in Teams and Key Feature
with Switch Connect

Discover the latest updates and key features in Microsoft Teams, the leading collaboration software for businesses and organizations. Stay ahead of the curve with new tools and enhancements designed to streamline communication, increase productivity, and foster seamless teamwork. From new integrations to advanced security measures, Teams continues to innovate and deliver top-notch solutions for modern workplaces. Explore the possibilities and unlock the full potential of Teams with these exciting updates.

Business Intelligence from Recording
with ASC Recording

Unlock the power of business intelligence with Teams Compliance recording. By leveraging the insights and data captured through compliance recordings, businesses can gain valuable information to make informed decisions, improve processes, and drive efficiency. With the ability to analyze communication patterns, trends, and performance metrics, teams can optimize their operations and enhance productivity. 

Lunch & Networking
The Switch Connect Difference
with Switch Connect

Switch Connect offers immense value and benefits to your team calling project through our extensive migration and support services. Our team of experts will seamlessly migrate your current system to Teams Calling, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption. With our dedicated support services, you can rely on us for any technical assistance or troubleshooting, allowing your team to focus on their tasks without worrying about connectivity issues. By leveraging our expertise, you can enhance your team calling project with advanced features and reliable communication, ultimately improving productivity and collaboration within your organization.

Survivability and Migration Options (SBCaaS)
with Ribbon Communications

Looking to migrate to Teams calling with the assurance of seamless communication and survivability options? Look no further than Ribbon Communication's extensive portfolio of Session Border Controllers (SBCs). With a variety of SBCs to choose from, you can leverage Ribbon's expertise to ensure a staged migration process that meets your specific needs. Whether you're looking to enhance call quality, improve security, or simply streamline your communication infrastructure, Ribbon has the solution for you. Trust in Ribbon Communication for a smooth transition to Teams calling with the added peace of mind of survivability options to keep your business connected at all times.

Teams Native Call Centre
with CentrePal

Looking to streamline your contact center operations? Look no further than our solution to move your workload to Teams with a fully native calling experience. By integrating your communications into the Teams platform, you can provide your workforce with a single pane of glass for all their communication needs. Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools and hello to increased efficiency and productivity. Let us help you simplify your contact centre operations and empower your team to deliver exceptional customer service.

Panel Discussion

Are you ready to dive deep into the world of industry expertise and get all your burning questions answered? Join us for an engaging panel discussion where you can interact with our team of seasoned professionals. This is your chance to gain valuable insights, connect with like-minded individuals, and expand your knowledge in a collaborative setting. 

Networking and Vendor Showcase

Lineup of Speakers

Meet the Vendors Behind the event

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