SIP Trunking

Streamline and reduce the costs of managing voice services across many locations using SIP Trunking.

Distributed customers can simplify

This innovative and award-winning service enables you to use the power of a centralised IP  PBX at a headquarters or other primary location and deliver Voice over IP to other company locations using existing network connections.
Select from a full range of fibre and Ethernet access options for your SIP Trunking connections at primary locations and eliminate the costs of managing and maintaining separate voice lines and equipment to serve other locations.

Enterprise SIP Network and its Benefits

→ Enable use of Unified Communications capabilities
→ Maintain high standards of voice call quality
→ Get insights about VoIP performance across the network
→ Ensure added security for VoIP communications
→ Call Free locally and site-to-site among your locations
→ Combine voice and data over a single circuit
→ Reduce costs
→ Gain business continuity options
→ Simplify management of voice communications
→ Increase network efficiency


SIP Trunking Features

Cost Savings

SIP trunking significantly reduces your monthly communication expenses. Traditional phone lines are not only costly to maintain, but they also limit your scalability. With SIP trunking, you pay only for the lines you need, and you can easily scale up or down as your business grows or changes.

Enhanced Flexibility

SIP trunking is incredibly flexible. It allows you to connect multiple locations or remote workers seamlessly. This flexibility ensures that your business remains agile, even in an ever-changing business landscape.

Business Continuity

SIP trunking offers superior business continuity. With automatic failover and disaster recovery features, you can ensure your business remains operational even during unexpected events or emergencies.

Geographic Flexibility

Do you have a global customer base or offices in different parts of the world? SIP trunking enables you to have local phone numbers in multiple regions, making it easier for customers to reach you. This not only improves customer service but also gives your business a more significant global presence.


As your business grows, so do your communication needs. SIP trunking can be easily scaled up or down, ensuring that your communication solution grows with your business.

Centralised Management

With SIP trunking, you can manage all your communication services from a single, centralised dashboard. This streamlines your operations and makes it easier to monitor and control your communication resources.


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